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Panchi- ‘A Friend In Need Is a Friend Indeed’

Do you know someone who is a chocoholic? A foodie? A people’s person?

Do these questions ring a bell? Well, these are a few cheerful qualities the bubbly Panchi from The Buddy Project. Her every word certainly adds an element of sweetness in your life! Too good to be true right? But yes she is a complete epitome of an ‘agony aunt’. She will multiply your sorrows and divide your grief: A true buddy indeed!

With her heart of gold that bears no grudges will work much in her favour as she moves to college. Her best buddy Ranveer who addressed her as ‘Moti’ and actually loves the way she is will also be joining her in the same college!

But college life is completely different from school. So Will V see a completely new Panchi or will she still be the same innocent little Panchi?

However, she actually has feelings for Ranveer but fails to profess it. Post her accident, she quit speaking to Ranveer! This deeply affected him.

But of lately, the table has turned around and the two seem to be close once again. But will this bond between the two sustain? After entering college, will she become a little overt about her feelings for Ranveer?

With Panchi and the other buddies entering into college life, will Panchi manage to channelize her potential in the right direction? Will she be a laughing stock in college due to her obesity? Or will she find friends who understand the REAL her?

So gear up guys….to watch the lovable Panchi entering a new phase of life!

But we’d love to know what you feel would happen of the cute little Panchi when she moves into a new phase of college life.

Stay updated with all about Panchi on The Buddy Project.

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