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Murder 3 Review: Decent Murderous!

BOllywood Movie Murder 3 Review

Quick Review

Murder (2004) was a blockbuster one, and also its sequel Murder 2 (2011) was quite praised all over. Coming from the same franchise, the makers have now released it's yet another sequel as Murder 3 (2013). However the earlier two parts starred Emraan Hashmi in lead, the third part starred Randeep Hooda in lead. On the other hand, Murder was based on Hollywood hit film 'Unfaithful' (2002); Murder 2 had the same plot elements from Academy Award-winning Hollywood film 'The Silence of the Lambs' (1991) and South Korean film 'The Chaser' (2008); and now Murder 3 (2013) is an official remake of the Colombian thriller 'The Hidden Face' (2011). Well though the basic premise is being adapted from foreign films, but still because of its engaging plot, the earlier two parts were successful among audiences. Let us see how well the third part in this flourishing franchise had made an impact among moviegoers.


The story starts with a lovey-dovey couple, Vikram (Randeep Hooda), who is a small-time wildlife and fashion photographer, and Roshni (Aditi Rao Hydari), who is a successful Architect, where they both lives in a beautiful locales of South Africa. Soon Vikram got a big contract from an advertising agency situated in India, and thus only for her love, Roshni left everything and shifted her base in the abovementioned country. They bought a house somewhere far away from Mumbai and its city traffic, and started to live happily there. However as the days passed, Roshni felt something change in Vikram because of his successful career, and also felt that he is having an affair with one of his model.

Murder 3

In a totally upset mood, Roshni shared her inner feelings to the lady owner of the house, in which she was currently living with Vikram. With an intention to help her, the lady showed a mysterious and hidden room inside the house, through which she can see and hear everything what's going on inside the house, but no one will be able to see the person who is in that room. Roshni thought to test her love, where she shot a video for Vikram by saying that she had left him forever. She then immediately locked herself inside the mysterious room, but unfortunately forgot the key in the house and got trapped unintentionally.

Now there is a twist in the story, where though Vikram was deeply sad and upset after watching the said video, but soon encountered with a gorgeous and beautiful girl Nisha (Sara Loren) who works as a waitress in renowned Hotel. Nisha gets attracted with the fame, money and charm of Vikram, and fell in love with him. However when she reaches home, where Vikram is staying, she feels something strange and mysterious going on in the house, because of the scream and unexplained hints given by Roshni.

Will Nisha get the messages given by Roshni? Will Roshni ever get free from her so-called trapped room? Or is there anything else which is being left unexplained and hidden?


Although it's an official remake of Colombian thriller 'The Hidden Face' (2011), the basic plot was moderately known among the moviegoers. However what was expected from the movie, is the engaging storyline and gripping sequences. The makers had successfully managed to hold the interest of viewers with its suspense and haunted feeling throughout. After watching the first half, you would get confuse that you are watching a thriller movie or a horror based content filled with haunted house and creepy voices. The second half actually reveals main part of the story, but it's during the climax which gives a good twist in the storyline. The bold content in the movie is not as exciting like the earlier two parts, but is being well fitted in the script. Narration of such bold contents is pretty much impressive here.

Murder 3

There are some scenes which impress you well, but there are others too which had lowered down the graph. One might lose a bit interest in the movie during the sequences which were getting repetitive in the second half. Also during first half, the confusion in the script got a bit over which was tempting the viewers to shift their focus. Furthermore, Nisha's sudden awaken of sixth-sense that Roshni is being trapped in some mysterious room and also successfully finding it, wasn't digestive.

On the other hand, direction by debutante Vishesh Bhatt was good, where he had managed to keep the guesswork going on right till the very end. The thriller quotient and suspenseful drama was narrated well by him. Vishesh is a good protege of Bhatt's and has the potential to take the camp in an altogether different level.

Music here was not as chartbuster like we have witnessed in earlier two parts, but composer Pritam had managed to give some of the good songs in the album. For the viewers, it's just enjoyable filler in the movie. Background score was first-rate and quite apt according to the genre and storyline. Cinematography, Editing and rest of the technicalities were good enough. Dialogues were natural and fitted in narrative.

Murder 3

Performances can be rated from good to excellent. Randeep Hooda gives complete justice to his character, but one would certainly miss the charm of Emraan Hashmi here. Aditi Rao Hydari and Sara Loren looked exceptionally bold and beautiful, and were decent in their performances. While Sara is having good potential to explore herself more in the industry, Aditi excels in some portions. Rajesh Shringarpure as Inspector Kabir makes his presence felt, and Shekhar Shukla as Senior Inspector provided a little humour in the movie. Rest others were typecast!

Final Verdict

Murder 3 is a decent thriller! However it could have been better and one may have expected something more, but all in all its good for at least one-time watchable for 'Murder-Franchise' lovers. The puzzling first half, the twist in second half, and the overall good narration by debutant Vishesh, are the brownie points.


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